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Quick no hassle

Awesome app

This is An awesome app. I love it.

Easy and quick!

Love this app

Great job

Pleased so far


The transfer was quick. Simple. Smooth. Very happy with the efficiency of it all.

Easy to Use!

Super easy! Worked great! It did take a while but it worked!


Great app

Who reads these

This is gooder app than onionsrings

Transfer of phone contents

The app was fabulous! It walked me through the steps so easily. And, I am computer illiterate!!! Thank you for making the transfer so smooth!

Only thing that worked

Only way to transfer my info from my Samsung to my new iPhone

Transfer from Android to IPhone

I was extremely pleased with the app. It was very easy to use and I was given easy and simple directions to follow. It also did the transfer very quickly.


Easy awesome

Love it

Very fast

Verizon transfer

It works flawlessly.


Fast and simple. Saved me lots of time!

Easy transfer across different platforms

Was very easy to use and very quick!


This was super easy fast and not hard at all. All you have to do is follow a few instructions and done amazing!!!!


Very great customer service and very helpful!


Real fast and convenient.

Like it

Very good and fast

Verizon Content Transfer

Super easy to follow and fast.

To Go App When You Need it



Don’t know much about it but it worked 😁


Quick and efficient. 5/5 would recommend.

Quick and easy

Choose what you want to download, batta bing batta boom, you’re done


All the YouTube videos I saw were only useful if I Reset the iPhone.


Very easy to use!

Content Transfer

This was indeed the easiest Appl to follow. I have tried a number of Appls but this is the only one that I was able to complete the process. Thank you for making so simple.

Transfer contacts

Took awhile - had to reconnect to our WiFi several times and enter different codes - no explanation - that would have helped.


First time I used this app. It was SUPER helpful! Very quick and it saved me the trip to the store!


Just make sure to download the app on the old phone first. Other than that is was easy.


It only transferred some of my contacts. I don’t have iCloud and it is difficult to transfer the rest


Very fast!


Transferred all my contacts, pics, everything!! Awesome!

Great Product!

Worked very well!

Great app

It transferred all of my information from my old phone to my new one in a matter of 2-3 minutes a really great app.


Fast & easy!


This was really helpful because I couldn’t back up my phone and I could use this.


Worked great!

Nice thanks


Verizon Content Transfer

This app was intuitive to use and made transferring contacts and photos fast and simple.

Works flawlessly

Real review-this was very helpful.



Monto bueno



It was so quick and perfect!

Great transfer no problems

Great transfer no problem and quick and easy

Up iPhone 8

Easy transfer!

Verizon Content Transfer

A little kludgy and complicated and it doesn’t transfer apps but hey - it works!


Loved it

Miss the old days of human relations/ customer service

Continues to grab iCloud and not phone content

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