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Content transfer

Simply and convenient

Fast easy does as promised

No frills app. Works flawlessly. Very intuitive.

Fast and easy

Easy to use


I know nothing about phones but transferring from one phone to another was soooo simple. Thanks for making it so anyone can do it. 😀



Efficient and Expedient!

I was dreading transferring my information and files over to my new phone...not anymore. Not to sound cheesy but the future really is here not that we can easily transfer data so expediently and with barely any hassle! 5/5

Great and easy

Fast and easy

Love this app

This app is the best way to transfer your contents from one phone to another. Easy to do n fast! I’m very happy with this app! Thank you!

Easy to use, transfer went smoothly.

Thanks, it was a breeze.

It works

40gig in just over 2 hours. Not bad!

Content Transfer

Worked quickly and accurately.

Nice and easy

Easy to use. Just set up the phones, and the app will do the rest.


Great app.

Went really fast

Omar and Juan did a good job getting all my stuff together and fast!


Very easy to use. Was great

Worked great

Transferred from Galaxy Note8 to iPhone X with no oroblems

Content Transfer

Easy to use



Super easy

Very easy to use and very effective!

Great app

Does what it says it does.

Soooo easy and fast!!!

Did this in less than a minute. Stress free and impossible to mess up.


This was so quick & easy! Thanks Verizon👍🏻

Very good

Liked how easy and fast it was

Best thing ever

This is so dope n fast!!!!!

Great and easy

Very good app, easy to use

Content App

It glitches some


Amazing!!! Even an old guy can do it!

Awesome App

I had over 500 contacts on my Android phone and it took less than 30 seconds to transfer them to my new iPhone.

Very confusing

Confusing and long process. No back buttons. If one phone is faster and the other can’t keep up there’s nothing to say this may take a moment or give you the option to go back. You then have to completely start over. Begins as scan your QR code. Took me an hour to figure out the code was much farther in to the process whereas if you choose manually the transfer begins with a reciprocated code and starts instantly. A process made to be simple and convenient but somehow the shortest distance from point a to point b was made in to a full circle. Needs better directions and steps.

App was effective and easy to use

Quick and easy app that performed as advertised

The perfect app

If you want a stress free comprehensive file transfer, this is the app for you! Thank you Verizon!!!


The people at the Verizon store are amazing and very patient. The app is verrry good I loved it.

Content transfer from Verizon

Excellent app! Easy to use. Sure beats typing in hundreds of phone contacts!

Thank You,

I’m happy with the app


Works very well.


Super easy.


Great app did what it is suppose to do

Content Transfer


Great App

Easy to use and transfer everything.


Really sweet makes it so much easier


Super easy to use for contact and pic transfers.

Content Transfer

IPhone to iPhone photos. Was easy!

Does it all for you!

Transferred everything I wanted from my old phone to my new phone while I was sleeping! No issues or problems at all.

Worked great moving from Galaxy S6 to iPhone 7!!

Did it all in about 30 mins tops!! It was a piece of cake, no problems at all and I had over 3000 images/vids!

This app is amazing

Got all my stuff back


Awesome app. Done just what it said it would do and fast and easy at that. Would definitely recommend when switching from android to iOS.


Convenient transfer. Thank you transfer app👍🏾

Mostly worked.

It wouldn’t read the QR code so I had to do the transfer manually. Then it wouldn’t transfer my calendar. Everything else went quickly and smoothly.

Phone transfer

Very easy to use

Transfer fail

Ridiculous... tell me why I can’t have this done in the store again? On a new $1000 device? I had video troubles and sat there for almost two hours, thanks guys.

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