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Transfer was quick and accurate.


Super good

Lacy Link


Loved it

So easy to use. Saved me a ton of time.

Not user friendly

Transfer old contacts instead of just current ones after I spent an hour deleting old contacts. Ugh!

The transfer

There was one

Awesome and easy

This was very easy to do.

Did not transfer my apps 😩

Not pleased rep not answer not return calls


I love this app! Saved all my goodies.


Works great


Great app!

Great product!

Super easy and helpful. It would be nice if it helped with the transfer of purchased apps as well.


Went great! Easy as pie


Best app to transfer

Lil John

Yes yes

Great app

Seamless transfer good app



Rick Whiskers

Worked fine

good job


Simple to use

Got everything transferred to my new phone in under an hour

User friendly

Easy transfer and fast process

Easy to use

Really easy to use, watched a 2 min video on verizon and done!

Transfer App

Very cool indeed


Great App


Does not transfer properly and doesn’t even transfer all contacts

Content transfer

This is one of the easiest apps to use even for techno challenged. Highly recommended


I’m very happy with the results of the app! Thank you

Awesome app

Great app. Makes everything very simple

Very Quick.

Would definitely use this app again in the future.

Great app!!

I was dreading having to go to the Verizon store or trying to transfer everything with my computer but this made it SO EASY!! Thanks!!

Worked awesome!

Worked very well and very fast. Less than 10 minutes spent in total to transfer all of my content from one iphone to another.

Works great

Been wanting to transfer photo and this was fast and easy - thanks!


The QR box didn’t work great

TLA Windkiller



Great experience

Content Transfer

Worked very well from my old IPhone to my new iPhone in minutes!


Worked great!!


It was very user friendly and very quick

Easy way to transfer stuff



Very easy to use

So easy

This was so easy I can’t believe how happy I am that I am finally done trying to make this happen should have use this app first


Went to the store, did not want to stay and wait. Got home downloaded the app and it transferred everything smoothly

App is great but have good WiFi

The app works great but make sure you have good WiFi.

John Hog Fan

Great product!

Fast and Easy

Used to transfer from Android to IPhone! Tried the OS transfer but it took forever and then didn’t work - told me to start tried again! This app was 1,2,3 and done!

Galaxy J7 Prime to IPhone 7

Almost perfect! The only thing I manually had to do was redownload my apps! Easiest Galaxy to IPhone transfer ever!


Great app. Worked well


Fastest yet


Verizon Cypress off 290 is amazing and very helpful. Aja has wonderful customer service.

Great app

Wow that was easy

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