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Great app

Work’s flawlessly. Great job developers


Very easy and quick transfer!

Time saving-who knew??

Very user friendly. Verizon should communicate this to customers more effectively. Saves time. You could do it from the comfort of your own house.

Easy and Fast

Worked without a hitch.

Content transfer

Very easy to use!

First time user

Transfer is fast”outstanding”

Content Transfer


Simple and easy to use!!!

When not all the items transferred over during new iPhone setup, this app came in handy and was great in saving old photos I didn’t want to lose!

Extremely fast

Worked great. I recommend

Content transfer


Simple Transfer

Wow!! If I can do this, anybody can do this!! What a breeze! Don’t be afraid to tackle the transfer. This app made it as easy as pie!!


Great app

Speed of light


Gary's Gardening

Super easy and fast. Great app!

Works great!

Easy to use.

Tremendous help

The only thing that I could not get to transfer are voice memos. those are very important because I go to a vocal coach and that’s where we sing and record.


Thank yooooouu❤️ this app saved me it transferred everything perfectly 💖💖💖


Very fast and easy to use

Great App

Unlike verizon cloud which constantly fails to back up contacts, this app easily transfers contacts etc to another device-this way using my iPad as a backup.

Content transfer rating

This was really easy to use!! I was apprehensive but it went really smoothly!!!

Easy and smooth from android to iOS

Saved me a lot of time


I’ve been searching for an app to do this and it did it within seconds. It was very simple too.

Doesn’t work


Good job

Quick and painless. Good job.

Useful App

Transferred everything except apps. I was happy with the results.

Super easy and super fast

Great app

IPhone Transfer

Excellent app! Very fast and thorough.


Worked flawlessly


It’s convenient.

Content Transfer

Once I studied the instructions, then followed them exactly... piece of cake!

Great, smooth, painless


Simple process but didn’t transfer all contents

The app needs to do a MUCH better job of telling you what it does NOT transfer. Music (and playlists) didn’t transfer. Ringtones don’t transfer. Favorite numbers (to family, for instance) don’t transfer. Wallpapers don’t transfer. Actually, not much about your old phone is replicated in the new phone.

Great app

Fast, easy, straight to the point.

Content transfer is great!

This app seems to have done just what it was supposed to do. Which is unusual. So I am thoroughly impressed. Good on you Content Transfer.

Ms lady

I love this app.... very user friendly

Second to none

Best transfer app yet.

Good job

It does the job well.

Good work

I got caught in the repetitive restart loop on my iPhone 6 with th iOS 11.1? Problem Wouldn’t stay stable enough even trying to back up to pc. Between shutting down notifications And this app, was able to recover pictures. Just wish it would do app data and apps. At least a list of installed apps to move over


Fast and useful

Content transfer

Works great

Fast and easy

I had about 1400 photos, 40 videos, and over 800 contacts on my ANDROID phone and it ALL transferred to my new IPHONE 8 in UNDER 7 MINUTES! Super fast...super easy! Set up was so simple my 6 year old cousin could have done it for me. YES! ANDROID TO APPLE WORKS!

Smooth transfer

Simple and smooth DIY content transfer.


Transfer went smooth

Super easy

Made transferring all the data on my old phone super easy! Much better than trying to do it manually via USB.

Out of time Mom

Fast and reliable

Faster then using a computer

This application work so fast. I recommended for other user.

So easy and so fast

I’m not technically savvy at all, so this was so easy and so fast!!!!

It is absolutely great.

It takes some time but it is simple and transfers everything.

Good Job!

App ran seem less

Great transfer

This app is simple and fast. If you use Verizon this is all you need. That and a WiFi connection.

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