Content Transf App Reviews

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Fast n works good

Good app for data xfer


Great and user friendly application. I’m an older guy and I figured it out.

Worked perfectly for me

Worked perfectly for me


With the assistance of Kristy this app downloaded everything on my phone!


Very easy and fast. Thank you

No Contacts transferrred

My contacts didn’t transfer, which also means I don’t know who sent me the text messages.

Worked great!

Accomplished my phone to phone transfer easily.

Phone-to-phone transfer...

This was my most rewarding cell phone experience in my entire life. I’m not as proficient with software and or cellular devices, but this made me feel like a professional. The process, app, and support service was distinguished! Jasmine’s experience and knowledge allowed me to be a successful student as I accomplished the task of transferring resources from one phone to another. She also bowled me over with her professionalism. I am very grateful that I purchased and utilized the Verizon and its outside team’s services. This has been a late evening, but very rewarding experience. Thank you again to Jasmine for the online telephone support as well as my representative Anthony from Verizon in Folsom, California for taking my call late to introduce and provide additional help to me. Again, thank you, Tim Howard

Works great

The app worked great .


Transfer was fast and affective!

Easy to use

Great app for transferring data from one phone to another. Fast, easy to use!

Not easy

The written directions was easy to read, but the App did not do what the directions said it would do. I had to go back and start over several times.

Love it

Very fast and efficient definitely recommend

Great App

It was fast and easy!

Easy and fast

Easy and fast

Transfer app is amazing

I really wish I had paid attention when I downloaded this app on my old phone and new phone. This app is so slick and easy! I highly recommend it to anyone transferring info from phone to phone. Huge life saver!!

Content Transfer Works Great

Very easy to use. Fixed my contact list that wasn’t completed in the store.

Good stuff right here

Best thing ever!!

Oops pow!Surprise!

Works well!


Amazing app

A Wonderful Surprise

I was able to capture my husband's contacts and photos in only a few minutes. Didn't know an app like this existed!


It made transferring videos and pictures smooth. Thanks.

Do it in the store

Took several attempts to finally work.

Great app

Transferred everything no problem

Only the best deserve the best

Let’s consider this you can stay up and process time one way or you can download this app and let the time process itself. Thank you much Robert from Pasadena California.

iOS to iOS

Easy and quick!

Content Transfer app

This app works!

Nice App

I used this to transfer and was quick and easy with simple to follow instructions.

Just used it

If all of my stuff transfers over then this is an amazing app.

Rate transfer app

George was my support representative he was absolutely amazing! The transfer app was so convenient it made me so happy because I had lost some pictures changing my Apple ID from my husband. I have not checked to see if my photos are all have been returned. If my notepad my contacts and my photos are all on my new phone, I will be extremely happy! I receive the phone for my birthday and I’ve been on the phone with support since my birthday trying to get it all reconfigured. Your support team is very convenient and knowledgeable! Thank you!

Great app!!

Used this to transfer pics and contacts from old to new phone, done in minutes, worked great!!

Content Transfer

Perfect execution, easy to use, highly recommend!

Great App

Very easy to use


Definitely would recommend this app.

Quick & simple

Quick & simple, if you got a new phone cause your old screen doesn’t work, this isn’t going to work for you.

Can’t be any simpler

It’s a breeze!

Content transfer

Fast. Very, very fast.

Works well

Delete pics and videos you don’t want before starting. It will speed things up


Great work

Easy to use

Had no problem with transferring all of my vids pics and contacts


Jamie (with Asurion) was extremely helpful and has fantastic interpersonal skills- he is a part of your A Team!

Fast & well done

By the time I’d driven home from Verizon store in Hammond transfer was completed! 15 minutes/great service by the way!!

Great app

It was so easy and fast.

Easy transfer

Worked great wish I would have found this hours ago. thanks Google

A little confusing

It was a little confusing which phone to start first and once I figured it out it worked great

Easy Transfer

Awesome app

It Works!

I have no complaints. This did exactly what it was supposed to do and it did it quickly!



Wow that was fast!

I thought it still had to be plugged in.

Easy to use

Loved the app

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